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Damn, how much light do you need?

(The photos in the post do not necessarily reflect that product or particular vehicle.  The pic(s) are just generic for show)

I get it.  It’s dark on the interstate or on a back road and US, state and county roadways.  Yes, it is dark.  Most people’s eyes adjust in darkness.  You make your dash lights dimmer so your eyes are more sensitive to what is happening outside the windshield (windscreen in the UK LOL).  Unless you’re blind, your stock headlights should be sufficient to illuminate the roadway – assuming they are working and properly aligned, duh.  Having one or two headlights pointing into the trees will not help.  Having one headlight out so you look like a motorcycle at night also will not do much.  But, for whatever reason, some motorists – usually pickup truck drivers – have to purchase and use 3rd-party add-on lights…the LED light bars or high-intensity LED lights. And for the rest of us, these products do not come with, or they neglect to install, ON/OFF switches.

Oh yea, there he (or she) is.  Mr. “Badass” with his (or her) light bar.  Because, well who knows what goes through their underdeveloped minds.  What I do know is that your cure for your impaired vision is causing our visual impairment.  These almost-criminal light bars are perfectly adjusted….to appear in all our rearview mirrors and, as a result, the back of our retinas.  It is as if the sun, in all its glory, appeared in my car.  To you it means you’re a beast – a real man (or woman) – someone to fear, almost God-like.  You own the road and all that is on it and around it.  To the rest of us, the ones you’re tailgating and blinding, it says you are the most ignorant of ignorants, a moron, stupid and, of course, blind.  It tells us you have a defective mind and really should not be driving at night if you need a light bar to augment your headlights and general badass-ness.  I know the truck commercials tell you that you own the road and that you’re “Ford tough” or “Chevy” (whatever their slogan is).  But really, if you *act* like a moron, chances are that you really *are* a moron. What you drive doesn’t matter. What the commercial told you was wrong. You might think you look intimidating but, really, you’re not.

If you go off-roading at night in your high-rise twin v-12 whatever, then, sure you may need extra light and that should be the ONLY place you use them.

The funny thing is having a light bar or, god-forbid, more than one set of LED lights because you take your own self-worth and blindness to another level, doesn’t get you any further down the road faster.  You’re just making more people aware that you’re a next-gen, higher-level kind of jerk.  You need help.  You need your license taken away until you can see properly.  Go get your eyes checked.  Maybe step down off the pedestal you – and only you – put yourself on.  For once, understand that the world and its inhabitants don’t revolve around you.  Really, it’s true.  Your only existence to the rest of world disappears as soon as you turn off the roadway or onto the interstate at a high-rate of speed and pass everyone.  Once you do that, you no longer matter and our eyesight eventually returns to normal.